Mission Statement

To support those in Aurora who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness to achieve self-reliance.

Vision Statement

No one in Aurora is without a secure home.

How it Works 

Aurora@Home (A@H) is Aurora’s Collaborative Plan to help families in need, pairing affordable housing with individualized services and case management so that participants achieve sustainable self-sufficiency. It focuses on the spectrum of housing fragility issues and needs in order to reduce barriers to gaining housing and stability. We do so through a cross-provider, community-wide involvement designed to promote a responsive, streamlined system to accessing housing and services.

Part of being eligible to participate in A@H includes a person’s desire to work towards becoming self-sustaining. When they first join the program, participants work with the A@H Navigator to create a case plan to achieve personal goals. Participants are required to display a commitment to follow through with their goals by attending regular meetings with staff and by taking an active role in their case plan.

Once A@H participants have successfully acquired affordable housing with A@H assistance, the Navigator begins to help them connect to various services. This includes benefits as well as more specific services like childcare, medical/mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and education programs.  A@H also assists them in accessing life skills training, such as employment services with job training and development opportunities. It is A@H’s goal that these wrap-around services and team approach to support will provide A@H participants with the skills to remaining in a secure home long after they have exited the program, preventing a return to homelessness.


In early 2010, Mayor Ed Tauer announced the formation of the Aurora@Home Initiative, the launch of the community process for Aurora’s 10 year plan. The planning process was guided by a community stakeholder group comprised of 39 representatives from area government, service providers, schools, and other Aurora agencies and individuals,as well as county, state, and federal participation. The stakeholders recognized the need to align their efforts with the vision and priorities outlined in the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness’ Opening Doors: the Federal Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Five Year Plan to Prevent and End Veteran Homelessness. The other goal underlying the process was that all families in Aurora deserve safe, stable, and affordable permanent housing.