In the News

Affordable housing legislation moves forward, construction defects effort dies                                                 Colorado Public Radio- May 6, 2016

CLOTHES CALL: Aurora community leaders talk laundry, homelessness at Colfax laundromat                       Aurora Sentinel- May 4, 2016

Aurora Will Use Some of 4.5 Million in Marijuana Revenues to Fund Local Nonprofit Homeless Outreach             Aurora Sentinel- May 3, 2016

Business pros offer overview of state of housing                                                                                                              Northglenn Thornton Sentinel- April 11, 2016

What is the price of homelessness? Aurora tackling the issue with cash                                                                         Denver Post- April 3, 2016

Report Raps Aurora for Citations against Homeless People                                                                                               Aurora Sentinel- March 25, 2016

Aurora Seeks Advice as City Council Adds Resources Addressing Homelessness                                                    Aurora Sentinel-  March 9, 2016

Housing Secured for Aurora’s mental wellness court program                                                                                         Aurora Sentinel- January 12, 2016

‘Close to Home’ campaign highlights homelessness across Aurora-Denver metro                                                      Aurora Sentinel- January 11, 2016

Trying to live, trying to learn                                                                                                                                                     Denver Post Special Report

Early plans for Paris Street housing proposal near Anschutz Medical Campus unveiled                                      Aurora Sentinel- December 2, 2015

Why it’s so hard to afford a rental even if you make a decent salary                                                                      Washington Post- December 9, 2015

Homeless Awareness Week                                                                                                                                                           Channel 8 News- November 9, 2015

Aurora invests in veteran housing to fight homelessness                                                                                                       Aurora Sentinel- September 21, 2015

A friend for the homeless in Aurora                                                                                                                                   Denver Voice- September 30, 2015

For many soon-to-be former Aurorans, the rent is too damn high                                                                                   Aurora Sentinel- July 29, 2015

Camera experiment captures unique portrait of homeless life for Aurora Warms the Night                            Aurora Sentinel- July 25, 2015

Metro Denver mayors, homeless advocates offer affordable- rental incentives to landlords                             Denver Post- July 6, 2015

Aurora, CU Anschutz step up for Comitis, city’s only homeless shelter                                                                           Denver Post- March 12, 2015

Rising motel rates along Colfax corridor freezing out Denver’s homeless                                                                   Denver Post- October 20, 2014

Long term goals for city include Aurora county, light rail, and homeless help                                                          Aurora Sentinel- August 25, 2014